Prosecco Hills candidates as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

From 2008 the project for the candidacy of the Prosecco Hills as a UNESCO World Heritage Site was launched. It is, in fact, a real cultural landscape that combines nature, architecture, art, tradition and innovation, in which human settlements enrich the natural aspects.


There are many territories in the Alta Marca Trevigiana that host the production of Prosecco Superiore: from Valdobbiadene to Vidor, from Vittorio Veneto to Tarzo. The inhabitants of these lands proudly present and protect their beloved Prosecco Hills, which are object of admiration and astonishment for the large number of tourists that visit the area, both Italian and foreign.


The landscape of Prosecco Superiore, thanks to the notoriety of the homonymous wine all over the world, is becoming an unmissable destination for an outward weekend following the itineraries dedicated to the tastings, to the active holiday and to the discovery of the history of the territory.


There are so many undiscovered amazing place that are perfect both for a relaxing or and adrenaline experience, of course the food and wine tasting are a must and there are so many Cantina that are always open to welcome local and international guests (just some of them need a reservation, mainly for big groups).


Travelling in the Prosecco Hills is a magical and unique experience, but it is often not so easy to organize, for this reason you can find special offers of touristic and enogastronomic itineraries, tours of the Venetian villas and authentic experiences to undertake alone or as a couple, visiting the website  


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